Article 1 - Legal Position, Competence, Seat

1. The name of this organization shall be TYTO
2. The seat of the association shall be Nenakonice 500, 783 76 Verovany, Czech Republic
3. TYTO is a voluntary association of individuals who are dealing with nature protection, especially that of free-living animals (especially birds), plants and their biotopes
4. TYTO is a legal entity registered at the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. It follows the Czech Societies Act 83/1990 Sb.
5. TYTO carries out activities mainly in the Czech Republic. Abroad it carries out its activities in accordance with relevant laws.
6. The President is the individual representing TYTO. The President has the authority to sign and seal documents.
7. The TYTO logo is accepted and can be changed by the membership only at the AGM based on the recommendation of a member of the Executive Committee.

Article 2 - The Mission and Goals

The mission of the association is nature and landscape protection. The association participates in the monitoring and research of animal (especially bird) and plant populations and provides for their biotopes. The association achieves these goals mainly by:

a) Providing protection for all free living animal and plant species,
b) participating in public education by organizing field trips, research projects, and informational materials
c) participating in public hearings
d) elaboration and implementation of management plans for areas of special environmental importance, elaboration and implementation of conservation programs for endangered animal and plant species
e) consultation and commentary on public policy and law formulation
f) administration of public hearings concerned with nature conservation and landscape protection
g) participating in biological pest control of both agricultural and forested landscapes
h) identification of important and valuable parts of nature, especially the breeding sites, migration routes, and gathering sites of rare and endangered animal and plant species, and providing for their protection
i) co-operation with state and private nature protection authorities in the protection of areas of special ecological importance
j) participation in activities that lead to the protection of plants, animals, and their environment, in accordance with relevant international treaties to which the Czech Republic is a signatory
k) co-operation with local, foreign and international organizations, individuals, and initiatives dealing with the protection and research of plants, animals, and their environment,
l) contribution to the betterment of conditions for all free-living animals and plants the implementation of active measures for both individuals and biotopes,
m) establishment and operation of handicapped animal stations,
n) purchase and rental of environmentally important estates or estates for the purposes of carrying out its objects
o) carrying out such economic production especially in the field of nature protection which provides the association with the funds necessary for its activities

Article 3 – Membership

The membership in the association is voluntary.
A member of the association can be any person who
a) is at least 15 years of age
b) has filled and signed the membership application form and was recommended by at least 2 members of the association
c) agrees with the association’s bylaws
d) is accepted as a member at the AGM
e) pays membership dues

Article 4 - Rights of the members

Each member of the association has the right to
a) vote and to be elected, in the last case the member must be at least 18 years of age
b) present suggestions, ideas and critical notes
c) participate in all activities carried out by the association
d) enjoy membership benefits

Article 5 - Duties of the members

Members of the association are obliged to
a) pay membership dues
b) contribute to the fulfillment of the association’s mission according to his or her capabilities
c) when handling living organisms to follow the law on nature protection and laws respecting the appropriate treatment of animals and valid international treaties

Article 6 - Membership Termination

Membership in the association is terminated when
a) the member voluntarily terminates his or her membership in writing
b) membership dues are delinquent
c) the member dies
d) a meeting of the membership decides to terminate an individual’s membership
e) the association folds

Article 7 - Organizational Structure of TYTO

The highest authority of the association rests with the members and is exercised at an Annual General Meeting . The AGM is convened once a year. A quorum consists of one third of the membership. The meeting is quorate two hours after having been convened.

Decisions resting solely with the membership at the AGM:
a) to pass bylaws and revisions to bylaws
b) to change membership dues
c) to elect the President, other members of the Executive Committee, and the Review Committee
d) to review and accept the Annual Report, to vote on an activity and management plan
e) to decide on membership status including the exclusion of a member
f) to decide to fold the association and what to do with its assets
g) to decide to change the association’s logo based on a recommendation from the Executive Committee


Article 8 - Executive Committee of TYTO

The Executive Committee, in charge of the affairs of the Association, shall consist of
a] President
b] Secretary
c] Treasurer
d] a member of the Executive Committee without portfolio
e] two members of the Review Committee

The Executive Committee is elected for a period time decided by the membership voting at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), usually for a period of two years. The Executive then leads the activities of the association and decides on matters of importance to the association except for those decisions which lie strictly within the purview of the membership and are undertaken at the AGM. Decisions are carried by a simple majority. In the event that a majority decision is not possible the President decides the matter. A quorum exists when a simple majority of members is present.

Article 9 - Assets

The assets of the association consists of property and finances obtained from
a] membership fees
b] state subsidies
c] donations by individuals and legal entities
d] financial and other gifts
e] fund raising campaigns
f] the association’s own economic activities
g] other income

The members and authorities of the association are duty bound to economically and efficiently use the association’s resources in accordance with the accepted management plan. To improve the association’s earnings the association may carry out activities to promote fundraising capacities. To support economic activity the association may rent, purchase, and sell assets if the earnings from such activities are in accordance with the goals of the association.

Article 10 - Provisions to Dissolve the Association

TYTO association folds when
a) the membership so decides at an Annual General Meeting
b) the appropriate state authority so decides
c) the association voluntarily fuses with another

In the event that the association folds a commission will be appointed by the Executive Committee to liquidate the assets.

* * * * *

The TYTO bylaws were accepted at a meeting of the Preliminary Committee of TYTO in Bohunovice on the 19th of February, 2001 and became valid when registered at the Ministry of the Interior.